Mistake no. 6

Don’t you love The Flintstones? That ’60s cartoon rip-off of The Honeymooners about cavepeople that used to have its own cigarette commercials and is now only kept relevant by the sales of cereal and kid’s multivitamins? Well, like all things on television forever and always, they’ve had their own series of Christmas commercials over the years.
Wait, what?
Even if this isn’t about the Christian version of Christmas, and we’re getting at the ancient pagan traditions of Yule, there’s still no reason whatsoever for Fred, Wilma, Barney, Betty, and all the other cave-people with rock puns for last names to celebrate Christmas. Nothing that people celebrate about Christmas existed back in the Stone Age!

Mistake No. 7

So uh, that title slide kinda says it all, huh? Is there any way this title couldn’t be misconstrued? Crock Blocked? Who cares that Timmy Turner’s evil teacher is named Denzel Crocker. Who cares that this episode is obviously going to feature him once again denied in his maniacal quest to reveal Timmy’s fairy god parents?
I sure as heck don’t. All I’m seeing is “CROCK BLOCKED,” and trying my hardest to stifle a giggle as my tiny, innocent nephew asks why I’m laughing, and I have to lie to him, telling him I’ve seen this episode before and was remembering a funny part.

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