Mistake No. 10

Dexter’s Laboratory is the show that Jimmy Neutron wishes it could be but never came close. As such, this potential problem does fit for that show as well.
Dexter is a boy genius with a gigantic secret laboratory burrowed deep under his house (or is it directly behind a single wall in his bedroom? They were never really clear on that one). Calling it a laboratory is a disservice, since it’s essentially a miles-long utopia of technology and stainless steel. But still, the sheer amount of power this monolith to science must suck down has to be completely crazy. Even then, we never see the massive electric bill that Mom and Dad have to pay to keep the lights on.

Mistake No. 11

I honestly can’t remember most of the villains in Codename: Kids Next Door, but the one that sticks with me is Mr. Boss. Not just because he’s the focus of this entry, but also because his cigars are just kinda… sticking to nothing.
Like a lot of characters in animation, Boss is drawn with a mouth on the side of his face. That’s so it makes it easier to hold them in profile and do lip-flapping that actually makes sense. But unless there’s some kind of crazy law of physics being broken here, you can’t hold a fat stogie in your face and sneer that wide at the same time. Which begs the question: where exactly is he docking that thing?

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