A women’s life is real tough. Don’t believe us? Well, you won’t get it until you’re yourself a women! It takes a lot of effort for a women to get ready. And it only needs a matter of seconds to spoil our mood when all that gets messed up! We’ve collected some of the common problems faced by women’s, that’ll give you a sense of resemblance with each other.

1. Wearing lipstick isn’t the best thing in the world!

2. When you apply so much concealer that now you face and neck color doesn’t matches at all.

3. What guys think of makeup vs what it actually is!

4. Even the cookies look better upon highlighting

5. Thin hair problems:-

6. What your brush looks when you buy it vs after 1 week of use!

7. That’s why you shouldn’t cry after a spray tan

8. And they’ve envious hair too!

9. Now you see why girls are often late!

10. That’s exactly how we know that it’s time to get the nails done once again!

11. When you ask your bae to click a beautiful picture:- Relatable?

12. How many of you’ve faced this trouble.

13. Don’t you forget sometimes that you’ve makeup to care about?

14. All woman’s want the same rights as that of rattlesnakes

15. That’s why it’s better not to carry powder in your handbag.

16. And same applies to the concealer

17. That hair band tragedy is common to all!

18. It always has to happen in the worst place and in the worst moment!

19. When you don’t hold a degree in making buns!

20. Girls with thick hair aren’t happy either!

21. Your hairs would never fly in the opposite direction:-

22. And they’ll get lost anyway!

23. Girls with long nails happen to face this situation all the time!

24. Opening nail-polishes isn’t fun either!

25. When you’re furious at the bra strap but try to smile anyways

26. This is the real dilemma

27. Each evening , the same story repeats

28. Walking on grass with heels on is like digging holes, isn’t it?

So, which one is your biggest problem. Share other girly problems with us and tell us your views too!


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