1. Surplus roughness should be avoided. It should be good enough to give a glowy and smooth look. Scrubbing too hard does no good. Also rubbing your face hard with a towel is a strict no. Vigorous rubbing with makeup remover has to stop as well.
  2. Hair towel is not a necessity anymore. Using an old t-shirt to soak surplus moisture helps. Blot hair with towel to soak water.
  3. Bronzer and powder are the best strategy givers. They should be used properly.
  4. DIY does not do good everytime and everywhere. There are certain things that end up horribly when did by oneself. Bleach stories at home do prove the statement.
  5. Trimming of hair helps in growing hair longer than present. It helps in fighting with split ends and rough ends.
  6. The three eye makeup products that you should actually stick to are the eyeliners which are dark smudged, shadow which is of a medium shade and a mascara to give a final touch. This gives a youthful appearance.
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