8) Master your winged liner

Perfect winged liner is a dream of all girl but it’s very hard to form this. Follow the steps given in the picture to become a master of winged liner. Always start with the end and form a shape of it.  And then fill the shape that’s all.

9) Use spoon for winged eyeliner

There is another easy way especially for begineers to create a winged liner. Spoon can be help to achieve the perfect winged liner. Use the end of the spoon to create a line at the end and then use a scoop side of it to form the complete shape.

10) Hashtag smokey eyes

Smokey eyes is the trendiest and coolest eye makeup that goes well with every look. But the bitter part is very hard to create smokey eye and it also requires a time with the perfection. So, here is the little trick to help you. Draw the hashtag at the outer corner of the eyelid by using sokey eye pencil or eyeshadow stick and then smudge it outword.

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