Being generous without keeping scores, strenthens your spirit keeps you focussed on the people that make your business what it is and helps it breed.If you work hard but your salary still leaves much to be desired, you have to change something. Let’s figure it out together.

  • Don’t waste your time

Avoid the so called easy money making tactics . Instead focus on big wins which is worthy of your time.



          People usually say, “It’s enough.” And as a rule, such a stance on life is a reason why inertial thinking happens: when you always walk the same route and don’t try to explore other ways.

  • Nothing stands still, the world always changes. You earn enough today but what if suddenly you want to drink coffee and eat croissants in front of the Eiffel Tower, or start thinking about having a baby. Realizing this fact stimulates one’s urge to work while their income grows. Each day, try to do a bit more than you did the day before.

Take a step back and consider your priorities. What’s the ‘true north’ that you’re working towards? If you know that your overtime isn’t helping you reach these goals, or is even halting your plans, it’s time to stop. It doesn’t matter whether your priorities lie with your work or your personal life, staying late at work isn’t going to help develop either of those.



Money! Now, as I said: this is not “the” orientation of society. Money is a part of our economic system, which is a part of society, which is not our sole source of values. Many of us live for love, or for a cause, or for family, or for some combination of those and other values.




Sometimes we look for shelter at work to hide from our everyday problems. Such a decision can have a short-lasting effect but it can’t help all the time. It’s rather difficult to work when you are preoccupied with different personal issues. Research confirms: happy people earn more than their sad colleagues.


If overcommitting is the alpha and omega of lateness, then underestimating is the entire remainder of the Greek alphabet.Start keeping track of your time, looking at how long tasks actually took to complete versus how long you thought it would take.


We all have  been approached by people who want free work. Sometimes it’s your mom (which means you should probably do some pro bono work for her — she’s done substantially more for you!), but more than often it’s a company. All work should be paid for.

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