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10 Ways To Get Fabulous And Long Eyelashes In No Time

Eyelashes are not merely hairs, they’re a part of our eyes that can be beautified and make us look even more gorgeous. Every women hopes that her eyelashes grow longer and that someday they’ll achieve that perfect look. While fake eyelashes are an option, it’s not a permanent solution. Also, not everyone likes the fake stuff. If you’re the one that wants it to be all natural, we’ve 10 ways to help you achieve your goal!

1. Combing

Combing improves the blood flow and stimulates hair growth. For combing your eyelashes, you can use the brush of an old mascara. Use a few drops of vitamin E and and brush your eyelashes for a few minutes.

2. Oils

Pour a drop of Castor, Coconut or Olive oil on a clean brush and apply it on your lashes before going to sleep. The oils contain fatty acids and will provide nutrition to follicles, thus keeping them healthy.

3. Petroleum jelly

Carefully apply a small amount of petroleum jelly on your lashes before going to sleep. Make sure that it doesn’t get in contact with your eyes. It’ll soothe and moisturise your eyelashes.

4. Good nutrition

A lack of vitamin can cause hair loss, and therefore you should eat more protein, vitamins, and foods rich in fatty acids. For eg, nuts, meat, fish, eggs, fruits, and vegetables.

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