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11 Capabilities Of Women That Are No Less Than A Superpower

Women are the most amazing creation of the almighty- we’ve listened it quite many times. But now, we have 11 facts to prove why! From stretching a little more than men to growing an entirely new organ, Women have got 11 capabilities that are no less that a superpower.

1. Women are more flexible

Women have more elastin than collagen in their muscles and ligaments which makes them more flexible. This may cause wrinkles to appear much sooner, but we’ve so many packs to get it delayed!

2. Women live longer

The female immune system is more stronger and capable of handling external and internal threats in a better way. Also, their cells age slower. You may have noticed that women get ill rarely while men more often suffer from illness.

3. There are always more lonely women than lonely men.

The male mortality rate is much higher than the female mortality rate, which explains why this happens.

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