12 Basic Hacks for Smartphones Make Your Life Easier

The Smartphone is one of the electronic devices used by most people. Life without a Smartphone would be tough. There are 12 Smartphone hacks which prevent us from many struggles regarding them.

Disable the “auto-rotate” option

When auto rotate option is not in use, you should disable the auto-rotate option from the Smartphone. When this option is turned on for a long time, it will use much battery because of some particular sensor called accelerometer.

Avoid using your phone while it is getting a charge.

You should not use mobile phones while the phone is on charge. These small charging wires are not get created to annoy you. When you are using your mobile phones, it will destroy your battery life, and it will irritate you.

Switch the phone to “Airplane Mode” to charge it faster

When the phone is on airplane mode, it prevents from searching other signals and charge the phone as quickly it can do. Nowadays phones get created which charge faster. But even then if you are trying to charge your phone faster, you can apply this mode.

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