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$1500 A Month Can Make You Look Like A Real Life Barbie

During our childhood, we always want to be a superhero or any other mesmerizing character we used to watch on the television. However, some kids grow up with the total imagination to look like that TV character and they work to make their imagination true. This actually becomes the dream of their lives. And today I am going to share those real-life people who dreamt to be like a super cool character and become so.

Jirackova, Gabriela 18 years old from Prague, the Czech Republic fascinated by Barbie so much that she started to spend almost $1500 per month on clothes, nails, hair, and makeup to look exactly like Barbie Doll.

Not working at that time, Gabriela relies on her parents’ money to pay for the lip fillers, hair,  make-up that give her the living doll look – and tells that all the additions make her feel ‘sexier’.

Gabriela started with her transformation when she was 16, while her recent surgery being on her natural C-cup breasts augmented to a G-cup. As per Daily Mail Report, the procedure costs her a whooping sum of $4500.

Her future plans related to surgery include butt implants, rib removals, and even bigger breast implants to help her look like a living doll’. 

During an interview with Gabriela’s mother, Romana Jirackova, who was actually paying for the expenses of her daughter’s surgeries said, “She’d been slowly preparing us for it, but we hadn’t realized how serious she was.” 

Romana also shares that she is worried about the health of her daughter, but she stands along with her and respects her for it.

When many parents criticized her living style, calling her a bad example over the children. On the contrary, she says, “I have been always encouraging others to do what they want to do themselves and what they want to become. That’s the message I always spread.” 


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