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17 Gorgeous Makeup Looks You Need To Try This Year!

2017 has been one hell of a year. If you observe, this year has been a year where we brought back the old trends and gave them a modern aura. This trend has been seen in all domains be it fashion or music or even makeup. Makeup is a constantly evolving domain and this year is no exception.

So before we begin, here are some quick trends which faded away. Its time you bid farewell to the contouring powder. Also, Step away from those fake lashes and smooth out the eyeliner.

Here we present to you 17 out of the box looks which will freshen up your style. The best part about these looks is that they can be easily achieved with a few products and are sure to be a part of the TRENDING list. So no more talk, check out the looks ladies:

17.Clumpy Lashes and Faux Freckles


Did you ever think that there would come a time when you would want to make your lashes clumpy? Life definitely is full of surprises. I say so because the time has arrived. This look is simple yet crazily impactful. All you need to do is use a mascara with a thin wand and wiggle it back and forth on your lashes until they are the thickness that you want them to be. This has to be done for both the top and bottom lashes.

If you are smart enough, you can also take advantage of a taupe color eyeliner and create faux freckles. Faux freckles will bring a lot of attention to your face. The key to making your freckles look as realistic as possible is doing them in different sizes and spacing them out about ½ an inch apart. Make sure that you keep the rest of your face as natural as possible.

16.White Wingliner

Love your black eyeliner to death? Well, its time to let it go! White is the new black!

Its a common hack to wear a white eyeliner in the waterline to give the eyes a larger appearance. However, now you can wear white wing liner instead of black. The white gives your eyes a pop of natural color and also makes you look edgy all at the same time.

Make sure you keep the rest of your face natural with little or no product. Also, a good idea would be to skip the mascara as dark lashes will  be a little too  much for this look.

15.Cobalt Blue

Blue eyeliner is making a major comeback and its fare to say that we are OBSESSED. The key to pulling off a blue liner is to go for the sexy cobalt blue. It is just the perfect hue on all skin tones and eye colors. The darker your skin shade, the brighter the blue shade you opt for. You also want to line the top and bottom of your eyes to give a rich cobalt blue effect.

Want to intensify the look further? You can smog the liner on your lids.The key to this look is making the cobalt blue the center of attention! So make sure that you go light with your face and skin. A BB cream would be perfect for this look.  It will give you a good coverage and will not overpower your skin.

14.Glossy Black Cherry Lips

Matte lips have taken over the makeup world in a big way. However, glossy lips are making a come back and we could not be more excited. Although, matte lips are clearly the IT trend, Its time to take on gloss. Black cherry lips are sexy and they are sizzling hot when they are shiny.

Make sure you have a natural face when you wear a glossy black cherry lip. This is because you want them to be the center of attention. To create the look, get a dark red lipstick. Next, fill in your lips and add a clear gloss on top to create the glossy effect to those dark cherry lips. Also, make sure you use mascara to open up your eyes a bit. There you go, A perfect date night look 🙂

13.Sun Kissed Glow

Glow is one constant be it any season or any era per se. It is very much in trend to have a sun kissed glow everywhere. If you have golden tones in your skin, this is just the perfect look for you. This just means that you have a natural sun kissed glow and you can further enhance it by adding caramel tones.

If you have a light complexion you can add champagne tones to give you the sun kissed glow. The key is to use subtle warm tones all over your face.  A golden highlight will work wonders with this look. Hope you get just the look you are looking for!

12.Chestnut Colored Lipstick

Brown tones have become a major part of the trending list. Lipsticks are no exception. We are now looking at chestnut colored lipstick. Chestnut is the perfect nude color without even being too nude. This means that it will work with all skin tones regardless of the undertones that you may have.

The perfect way to pull off this color is wearing a little bit of concealer and mascara. This will give you a seamless look because of the unique nature of the color.

11.Sunset Shades

Did you ever imagine in the wildest of your dream that orange eyeshadow will make it to the trends? Well it is and so is yellow and red. You gotta try them out as Sunset shadows are totally taking over the world. The key to wearing bright warm colors is blending and further blending. Make sure you blend them in such a way that they maintain their originality and appear seamless at the same time.

If you are a little skeptical about using orange on your lips,try blending a mixture of light orange and dark orange to obtain just the shade you are looking for. Truth being said, orange is actually pretty flattering on most of the skin tones and eye colors.

10.Flirty Lashes and Nude Pink Lips

The 60s are coming back in a huge way. We are now looking at “twiggy inspired lashes” and nude pink lips. To put it simply, we are looking at thick mascara lashes. No more of those false lashes. Instead you gotta use multiple coats of mascara and if your eyes end up with clumps, That is perfectly fine!

Make sure you have thick lashes with bare lid. Also, keep the rest of your face nude with a possible exception of  lashes and nude pink lips. Nude pick color is advised to be of matte color. The simpler the look, the better it is . To give your look a hint of flirtiness add a little bit of blush to the apples of your cheeks. That is it, you go girl!

9.Dark Eyes and Lips

There is an old age beauty rule which states you cannot wear bold eyes and bold lips at the same time. Well, it is time to discard it and try something crazy. Time to bring out the dark eyes and dark lips together. The key to making this work for you is using the colors that belong to the same color family.

If you are going for a brown smokey eye go for a tan lip color or vise versa. Another way to pull this look off is by sporting a lighter smokey eye with a very bold lip that will balance out the darkness in both colors.

8.Bare Face with Red Lips

This is purely magic. As we know, Red lips are always classic. It is the perfect look for any occasion be it a party or a formal event. As a result, they are totally in trend. However, make sure you complement it with a bare face. This just means that you keep the rest of your face as natural as possible while giving your lips the statement that it needs.

To create this look, simply use a foundation and a little bit of concealer to give your face a flawless even complexion. Next, grab a bold red lipstick and fill in your lips. You can go for a matte red lip color or a glossy red tone.

7.Cranberry Shadow

Be it is fall, spring or summer, cranberry shadows are coming with a vengeance. With a hint of brown, red eyeshadow becomes sultry, sexy and elegant. It is one of those shades that works well with all skin tones and eye colors. It can be worn in multiple ways. However, we recommend using a matte shadow when you work with a cranberry color.

When you are working with matte shades, it is recommended to use a primer first to get the best blending out of the shade. You can pair a cranberry shadow with any lip color that you decide to choose.

6.Grungy Black

Grungy makeup is making a comeback in a huge way. We are not only going to experience dark shades that are common with grungy makeup but also a black shadow all over the lid. Now now now, Please do not be intimidated by a black shadow all over your lid. It is actually quite flattering for all skin tones. The key to wearing black shadow is keeping the rest of your face natural.

Long story cut short, keep everything light and fresh on the rest of your face while keeping it strong and dark in your eyes.. The main focus should be your solid black shadow. If you are worried that black is a bit too much for you, you can always add silver to your lids to break down the black. Hope you like it and given Grungy a shot!

5.Sparkly Wings

A classic wing liner has always been a signature trait for most of us. However, it is now time to revamp your look and add some sparkles. Sparkly wings are crashing the trend now. The key to this look is pretty simple. Let your eyes do all the talk. Sparkly wings should be the center of all attention.

The best way to create this look is to line your eyes with a black eyeliner first and then go on with the sparkles. You can choose from colorful sparkles or one tone. Frankly, the options are endless.

4.Champagne Shadow

Put down the contouring kit and pick up the champagne shadow. Yes, we are serious. We are now giving contouring a break and strategically highlighting key points on our face. This is a great look for the summers as it gives you a fresh face as well as highlights the best features of your face. It is important to remember that wherever you place the highlight is where you will draw light and attention to your face.

We suggest a champagne shade because it works well for everyone regardless of your skin tone. It is universally flattering. We also recommend placing this shade in the inner corners of your eyes, all over your lid, your eyebrow bone, the tops of your cheeks and your cupid’s bow. You want to keep the rest of your face matte to really showcase where you have highlighted your face.

3.Smudged Silver Shadow

Metallics are definitely a favorite this year.Among them, silver is definitely a shade to watch out for. We are loving silver on the lid, as a highlight or even on the lips. The key is to have a smudged look all over your top lid and bottom lash line.

You want the look to be lived in as if you have been wearing it for some time. That is the kind of look you will be going for when you are wearing silver shadow. It makes it look edgy and cool without being too put together.

2.Gold Eyeshadow

Just like silver is making a huge impact on the makeup trend, Gold is not far behind either. Gold shadow is a little bit harder to wear as it is a more vibrant color. However, if done correctly you will have created the perfect look that goes well with everything. Just like the silver shade, you want to use it all over the lid for a perfectly golden shade. Gold on your eyes is the perfect color to make a killer fashion statement.

It is bold and outrageous which is what you want when you are working with a gold shadow. Keep the rest of your face with little or no makeup and let your eyes do the talking. If you want to be even more bold with your look, we suggest you to try a gold pigment instead of a gold eyeshadow.

1.No Makeup, Makeup Look

The no makeup look is now in trend and it is definitely here to stay. We are now looking at the trend of having even skin without the appearance of wearing too much makeup. It is the perfect look for any occasion as it is all about perfecting your skin and giving you the appearance of a flawless skin.

The key to this look is wearing a light foundation and concealer that perfectly match your skin. A semi matte foundation will work best for this look as it will give you a hint of dewiness without a glow. You also want to wear mascara and a light shade of lipstick to complete this look.

So here it is, The 17 looks which have taken the fashion world by awe. So, next time you are wondering how to do your makeup, do try one of these looks. Also, we would love to hear which look totally stole your heart. Comment section is all yours ladies.

And here are few other make up ideas! We hope you love them just the way we do 🙂














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