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18 Easy Step By Step Eye Makeup For Teenagers

Being a teenager you will be just about to start experimenting with makeup. This a such an exciting time when every girl wants to enhance her features. Eyes are supposed to be the most attractive part of the human face. This feature defines a lot about you. Your eyes speak more than your words. Let’s read some important and beneficial tips that will help you to make your eyes more beautiful.

So all you need to start this is the primer, eyeliner, eye shadow palette, eye pencil, mascara and good quality brushes

Golden Smoky Eyes : Either you are getting ready for a day function or night party, golden will go with your all time look. Starting with a golden eyeshadow pencil, work the color right across the eyelid, forming a curved flick at the outer corner. Take a dark brown eyeshadow and blend from the outer corner back into the middle for a smokey effect. Finish the eyeshadow along the lower lash line for a complete look.

Subtle Smudge Eyeliner : This gorgeous eye makeup is easy to achieve and effective, at the same time. Starting with a light, matte brown, sweep it right across the eyelid and blend outwards softly. Take a black eyeshadow and draw a lovely line from the center of the eyelid out towards the outer corner and back to the center along the lower lash lid. Smudge this line for a beautiful blurry effect.

Copper Smoky Eye with Eyeliner : Start by working a copper brown shade from the outer corner and smudging it softly towards the center. Work a lighter, neutral color from the inner corner blended out towards the center of the eyelid to meet the brown. Use eyeliner closely to the eyelashes, and finish with a fantastic flick.

Silver Smoky Eyes : This eyeshadow look looks so dramatic and daring, and is so simple to create! Start by selecting your shimmery silver shade, and sweep it right across the eyelid, from inner to outer corner. Then take your black eyeshadow, and blend lightly from the outer corner into the center of the eye. Use a thick kohl eyeliner to line the top lid and the bottom lash line, and finish with lashings of mascara.

Brown Crease with Black Flick : Start with your dark brown shade, and blend it into the crease of the eye. Sweep a golden shade across the eyelid, blending up towards the brown crease for a seamless finish. Take your eyeliner and draw a flick parallel from the bottom of the eyebrow to the outer corner, and drag the line towards the inner corner for an amazing finish.

Light to Dark Brown Smoky Eyes : Start by creating the line from the end of the eyebrow diagonally down towards the outer corner of the eye with your darkest brown shade. Blend softly, and add a lighter brown from the inner corner, blending to meet the dark brown in the middle. Add shimmer to the very inner corner, and finish with thick eyeliner on the top eyelid, and kohl eyeliner on the bottom lash line.

Silver to Black Eyeshadow : I am sure you will going to love this glamorous look. Silver goes with black ,and give your eyes such a mesmerizing look. Start with your silver eyeshadow from the inner corner. Take a more glittery shade of silver and pat the color on the center of the eyelid. Use black eyeshadow to blend from the outer corners of the eyelid into the center, smudging the colors together. A thick layer of eyeliner and false eyelashes will finish your look in the same dramatic fashion as pictured below.

Gold and Pink : This look is well suited for the parties. It will give your eyes a decent and natural look. I am sure people around you will fall in love with your eyes gold and pink look. Start with a white eyeshadow across the eyelid for a base. Add gold eyeshadow to the top, then work a shade of pink into the crease. Take black eyeshadow and gently blend from the outer corner of the eye. Finish with plenty of mascara.

Matte Smoky Eye : Start with a soft charcoal grey, and work it into the crease of the eye, right the way across. Take a dark brown matte shade and start building it from the crease down to the outer corners of the eye. Take a mauve purple and use it to line the bottom eyelid right the way across. Then using your lightest shade, sweep the colour from the inner corner towards the centre of the eye. Finish with eyeliner and lashings of mascara.

Eye Popping : How to make your eyes bigger and attractive! Use a light shade eyeshadow from your palette and blend it properly over your eyelid and then apply double coat of mascara. You will get the best results.

I hope these lessons will be helpful in getting the desired results. I am adding pictures of some more eye looks that you can try and enjoy taking a selfie with your enhanced eye features.

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