5 Amazing Fitness Facts and Myths

For maintaining our fitness we believe in some myths and make them a part of our life. However those myths can proved to be harmful for our health and body. Today I am discussing some that we believe to be the facts for improving fitness.

After doing some exercise/workout we feel soreness in our muscles. It even cringes you down when someone touch them. There is a myth that exercise is effective if you feel the soreness,however that soreness of muscles have micro traumatic effect  on our muscle fibres.

Stretching of muscles has nothing to do with muscle soreness. It just decrease the risk of injuries and enables the muscles to work properly. To improve the soreness you can massage the particular portion of your body.


Some people thinks that more you exercise more weight will you loose. Actually there are some special exercises to cut fat and burn fat fast, but the number of hours doesn’t really matter.Most important thing is how accurately you do the exercise.


Some people may advise you to workout as often as possible,however for the betterment of your health workout should be done 3-4 days a week.

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