5 Morning Habits You Should Say Goodbye To

It is very hard to change the old habits even though when they are quite harmful to us. Do you drink black coffee in the morning or have cereal with the milk? This may not be the best way to start the day.

Today we want to talk about the five things that one do in the morning and is not good for health.

Checking Your Phone: People are so connected with the social media that they forget to leave their phone aside even for few seconds. Most of the times, they waste their time on their mobile phones. You are better off the music and keep the earphones aside and talk to your loved ones.

Not Starting Day With Shower: Morning shower makes it easy to find the solution of the questions from the life. It keeps us active. And it helps brain to generate new and better ideas.

Hot Shower: Hot water relax our body.So if you take the hot shower in the morning it will make you lazy and get back to the bed. A cold shower will keep you active all the day. It can also help us to reduce weight up to 9 lbs in a year.

Wasting Time on Outfits: I have seen many people who takes long time to decide what to wear in the morning. To make the choice simple, decrease the variety of clothes, it will save your money and time.

Black Coffee: Black coffee has the tendency to increase the level of anxiety in our body,if we consume it in the very morning. If you are hungry, then add some milk and have a good coffee.


BONUS: Brush your teeth after 30 minutes of having food.


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