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7 Simple Ways to Give Thin Hair More Volume

If nature gave you thin hair, it can be hard work trying to give it volume and keep it looking the way you want after you leave the house each morning. But today here is a good news that you can give volume to your hair using these tricks.

  1. Adjust the Parting in Your Hair : Instead of applying your usual hairstyle, switch to something new. You have lots of choices here: a zig-zag, a side parting, a low side parting. This simple trick will add volume to your hair.
  2. Wash Your Hair the Right Way :1.Start by rinsing your hair with hot water. It will open the cuticles, which is good for removing any dirt or product trapped in the hair. When your hair is rinsed in warm water, it loosens the oils through the scalp and opens the cuticles so they are able to absorb the oil.2. Apply shampoo only to your roots. Then spread the lather along the length of your hair. The ends of your hair are always drier and more brittle, so you shouldn’t rub them.

    3. Apply conditioner or a mask only along the length of your hair. Moisturizing shampoos, when applied to the roots, only make them heavier and flatten out your hair.

    4. Wash your scalp on a regular basis. This will improve blood circulation and get rid of dead cells.

    5. Try not to wash your hair every day. This can remove a protective layer from your hair that results in it being weaker, in turn depriving it of volume. It’s also better to use dry shampoo.

  3. Play Around with the Length of Your Hair : Since short hair gives the impression of greater volume, so you can try some new short length hairstyles. Volume over length might be the better option.
  4. Add Some Color : You can add volume to your hair using not only scissors but also color. This might be ordinary highlights or the shatush method, where you use several different shades of one color.

  5. Apply the Principle of Creative Chaos : A little bit of chaos, can be your best friend if you’re seeking more volume. This can be achieved by styling your hair in light waves, holding it back only loosely with a hair band.
  6. Dry Your Hair From Below :  lower your head so that your hair hangs down in front of your face, and direct the hot air from your roots to your tips. Alternatively, simply lift the upper part of your hair and dry it in a vertical position. This trick will help in adding volume to hair.
  7. Use Dry Shampoo : Dry shampoo can be a lifesaver for those who have no time to wash their hair or spend hours styling it. It removes dirt from your roots and also helps lift them, helping to give volume as well as cleanliness. The same effect can be achieved by using baby powder.
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