9 Basic Secrets That Your Tongue Reveal About Your Health

Have you ever seen some funky in the mirror? There can white spots or red bumps that can be the sign of some diseases on your tongue. Here you will get to know about tongue pain and illness.

Strawberry Red

It could mean:

It means that there is a deficiency of Vitamin. This color of your tongue would imply that there is a lack of iron or B12 in your body. According to the director of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology at Mount Sinai Hospital, Naomi Ramer, these elements are essential to mature papillae on your tongue. There is a lose of Papillae if there is a lack of these elements. It can make your tongue look very smooth.

Brown or Black Fuzz

It could mean

In this condition, you do not have the best tongue health or oral hygiene. A tongue may look nasty if covered in dark hairs. An American Dental Association consumer advisor spokesperson, DDS, Ada Cooper explains that there is papilla on our tongue which is small bumps. These bumps grow throughout the lifetime. Doctors said that the primary concern does not cause this condition of the tongue.

Cottage Cheese White

It could mean

In such a condition, you may have a yeast infection. It is lumpy, the white=coated tongue that could be thrush. This oral yeast infection can get caused by overproduction of candida. This condition is linked to antibiotics. Dr. Tylor says that our tongue is home for naturally occurring bacteria and yeast. When a person takes medicines, these selectively kill off the bacteria. This killing can allow yeast to take over the area which does not get killed by antibiotics.


It could mean:

It would say that a person is getting older. These cracks and fissures in the tongue are harmless, but they can even cause some problems if you have poor dental hygiene. It can lead to some infection within the crevices. Dr. Ramer says that once if fungal infection develops inside the clefts, a person may have severe pain, burning, and a foul smell. This infection can get treated with a topical antifungal medication. Dr. Der-Sarkissian says that you have to make sure your dental fixtures and drink enough water and also practice good oral hygiene like brushing correctly.

Small Patches of White

It could mean:

In this condition, there is something which is irritating your mouth. There are painless white patches which get caused by the excess growth of cells. This often gets associated with smokers. Dr. Tylor says that if a person is a smoker, this condition is telling you that there is a starting off developing the precancerous lesions. In some cases, it can get reverse if you stop smoking.

Persistent Red Lesions

It could mean:

It is a sign of tongue cancer. You should not confuse it with a canker sore, which can resolve itself within two weeks. If you have this condition, you have to get it to check by the doctor. It typically can get caused to tobacco person. The HPV virus can even cause oral cancer. You have to make sure about the silent signs of oral cancer.

Burning Sensation

It could mean:

It may happen when you are using the wrong toothpaste, or you are postmenopausal. There can be hormonal changes take place if your tongue burns and stings but looks normal. So in this case, there is no need to worry. This burning tongue can happen to anybody, and it takes place more in women. Sometimes, it develops because of an allergy from toothpaste. Sodium lauryl sulfate in toothpaste which makes it foamy can cause stinging on the tongue. And your mouth suddenly starts burning. Antibiotics tines and pills for neuropathic pain can treat this burning.

Hills and Valleys

It could mean:

It is geographic tongue condition which refers to a tongue that looks like bumpy terrain. It is typically harmless. It affects around 1 to 14% of the US population. The cause of this problem is not precisely clear. Dr. Tylor says that sometimes taste bids can randomly shrink but these buds can regenerate

Painful Sores

It could mean:

In this problem, a person gets stressed. These get punched outs that occur on the tongue. There is no proper reason for getting canker sores. These sores are not contagious.

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