Check Out What Your Breasts Shape Tell About Your Personality

Many of us swear by astrology, and some of us do not even believe in it. We can say the same thing for palmistry. The best thing is that we can divide such things with having no proof. The tarot card readings and angel reading also come under this category.

Do you know that the shape of your breasts is much like the lines of your palm and it can tell a lot about your personality? It is an exciting concept whether you believe it or not. The shape of your breasts can say volumes about who you are? It is somehow scary that by looking at the external features, you can get to know about your internal features, qualities, and personality. Can you believe its results?  Can you judge how accurate its effects can be?


Before proceeding further, you need to take a close look at the above picture. Look at the picture very carefully and observe it by making you enough time. You can tell us which one is closest to you when you see yourself every day at the time of getting ready.

If you are option number one

You can wear a sports bra over the small sized breasts. If this is your shape of the breast, then this would mean that you are the person who wants to stay at home. You like the life of staying alone at home, reading a book, cooking something rather than going out of your home. You would prefer books over humans.

If you are option number two

If you wear a deep cut bra over the full-sized breasts, you are like the person who revels in her sexiness. You live independently and love to live like a boss. Your personality is distinct, and you want to in the company of a determined person. Sometimes, you tend to get too much stubborn.

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