Check What Happens When You Peel Out Your Nails

Peeling your nails can be your lifestyle, or it can be something deeper going on in your body.

Why pay attention to your nails?

Nails are a beautiful thing to worry about for us. If you have a brittle nail, it would mean that there is something wrong going on in your body. You get brittle nails when you peel off your nails. And many other times, your lifestyle may damage your nails from outside.

You are getting up there in years

The only hair and skin are not the things that change in you by age. The nails get more brittle, and their texture gets improved when you get older. It may lead to peeling your nails automatically. A board-certified dermatologist, Chris G Adigun, FAAD, MD in Chapel Hill, North Carolina says that as we get wrinkles on the skin in the same way we get lines on the nails.

You are regularly using cleaning products

Cleaning products of the kitchen can strip the nails of healthy oils and moisture. It can lead to peeling off if you use these cleaning products regularly. Dr. Adigun recommends an oil or emollient-based moisturizer which gives your nails a more massive dose of hydration.

You get manicures regularly

The acrylic nails manicure may look very nice on your nails, but the manicures will leave your nails the worse to wear. There is no need to peel off your nails when you have acrylic nails on the top, but when you get removed your nails, they damage your real nails. Dr. Adigun says that acrylic nails typically require extended to acetone and this desiccates your nails severely. A dermatologist based in Pasadena, Ivy Lee, MD, California suggests that you can do your nails at home with natural products instead of using harsh products.

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