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8 Things That Men Only Do With The Women They Truly Love

Men have always expressed their dilemma when it comes to understanding women. But little do they know, that we are the passengers of the same ship. It’s very difficult for women to understand the behaviour of men. This becomes even a more serious matter, when you start dating a guy. That’s when everything they do, and that means literally their every single move, make women go crazy. They’re unable to decide whether the guy is completely into him or not. Well, to make sure that you’ve the one that actually loves you, we’ve decided to tell you 8 things that men will only do with the women they love.

1. His ears are open

Men are mostly self absorbed and have the attention span of a goldfish. But, if you’re the women of his dreams, or you can simply say that the women he is in love with, nothing will be able to distract them when you’re talking. He’ll always be interested in your talks and your thoughts.

2. He fights with you and for you

Arguments are a common thing in a relationship. But what makes it different when you’re in love is that you don’t give up on each other. Men usually get loud while making a point, but if your partner is still discussing issues so that you both arrive on a conclusion, there’s no doubt that he’s in love with you.

3. Change of plans

Men find it really hard to give up on something or cancel their plan, but if he does that for you, you’re incredibly lucky. You’ve got the person that’ll be with you for a long run, and maybe till death do you part!

4. Taking one for the team

If your man is ready to do anything for you, whether it be calling you on a busy day just to hear your voice, or picking you up from the airport. Every small and big things matter for a women, and if he’s ready to take care of that, what else do you need!

5. He celebrates you

He celebrates your success and your achievements? Well, you’ve got the man of your life then. If your partner brags about you and you hear pride in his voice when he speaks about you, then he’s definitely in love with you.

6. You’re beautiful

You’re beautiful to him every single day, whether you’ve been crying for two hours, or you’re suffering from cold, etc. Your external appearance doesn’t matter anymore and he finds your inner self, your personality a beautiful one – that’s the true definition of a love that you shouldn’t resist.

7. Your inner circle matters to him

Men care about people in their life, and everyone does that. But if your people, your friends and you family matter to him too, then he’s completely into you. If your partner cares about your friends and family, makes an effort to keep up with them, takes the time to meet them or remember to ask you about them, then it’s a way of showing that the people that are important to you are important to him too.

8. He’s vulnerable with you

Men feel no pain or remain unaffected by the biggest traumas – Is that true? Well, that’s not true. It’s just that men won’t show it to anyone until they completely trust the person. If your man is. comfortable being vulnerable around you, it means he trusts you a lot. He’ll never hide his fears and experiences from you.

So, that’s all that we’ve for you about it. We really hope that it was helpful to you, and that you’ve an amazing partner in life. Do not forget to share your views in the comments!

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