Check Out What Sleeping Positions Tell About Your Relationship With Your Partner

The ways of sleeping say a lot about the type of relationship you have with a person with whom you are sleeping. It also reveals what is going on in your unconscious mind. Your sleeping postures can tell a lot about what is going on in your and your partner’s mind.

You both are not aware of the movements of your legs and arms while sleeping. But these movements can tell a lot about what kind of relationship is there between both of you. Here you have a good chance to know what type of relationship you have with your partner.

The Tangled Position

As the name suggests itself, it is also known as the Honeymoon hug Position. Newly-weds commonly sleep in this position. This posture is very cute. Before you become very much dependent and attached, you should keep a check on both. It is the most close-knit position which suggests that the newlywed couple has a passionate and vigorous sexual relationship. Apart from newlyweds, other couples even tend to sleep in the same place.

The Spooning Position

There are three versions of this sleeping position. The first version is, the guy is spooning the girl. This position tells us that there is a lot of intimacy between both of you. Second is, the girl is spooning the guy. This position says that the girl is too protective of the man. The third is, there is spooning between both with a little distance. This position tells that there is less intimacy as there is a little touch.

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