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Do’s and Don’ts While Applying Eyeliner to Enhance Your Beauty

Out of all our features eyes are the most attractive and catchy. Women like to enhance this facial feature and they use eye makeup to do that. The essential part of eye makeup is eyeliner. From the simplest subtle look to the bold beauty look, all you require is eyeliner. However, you might be making few mistakes while applying eyeliner. Go ahead and read the mistakes that you might be making while using eyeliner and try to correct them right away!



Not Using a Base : Applying a base must be the first thing you should do before putting on eyeliner. Are you missing this step ? If yes, then use a primer to make the surface of eyelids smooth and easy to work on. It will also even out your skin tone. So, never skip this part. It’s must!

Giving Yourself the Panda or Raccoon Look : Some women have habit of overdoing their eyes makeup. They used to put a dark line of liner above the lid and even at the bottom of eyes. Thus by outlining you will look no less than a raccoon and panda. If you are among those women,please stop !

Using a Wrong Technique : If you are not using right tools like scotch tape,then start using them. It will help you in saving time and create the best wings for your eyes.

Using Curler After Applying Eyeliner : If you are using curler after applying eyeliner or mascara then it will give you an uneven look. We would recommend you to use curler before applying mascara and eyeliner to get better results.

Using a Dried out or Old Eyeliner : If you are using a dry eyeliner or old eyeliner, you will never get the perfect finishing. So make it a habit to use new/wet eyeliner.

Using Liquid Eyeliner on Your Lower Lash Line : Liquid eyeliner is meant to use only on the upper lash line. So always use an eye pencil for your lower lash line.

Not Lining Your Upper Water line : Always line your upper water line with an eye pencil. If you are not doing so, then there will be definite gap between your eyelashes and eyeliner.

Not Blending Your Eyeliner : Most of the women skip this part. For the perfect look, don’t forget to blend your eyeliner after you are done.

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