Splendid Seven Things Girls Can’t Miss About a Man’s Look

Most of the men judge another person with the face. Women usually don’t stop there, but they notice the dress, haircut, tidiness and body traits.

We have collected seven traits of a male body that a girl cannot resist.


When a woman sees a man, she notices the dressing sense of that man. She checks the tidiness of clothes and matches of shoes. Girls ignore some of the mistakes because she is always ready to help the man in improving. But wearing casuals with the formal shoes don’t give you a chance.


Light, dark, straight, wavy, long or short- depends on the women’s preference. Some men like Vin Diesel with rare hair are quite popular among girls since they look quite masculine.


Shoes are quite enough to judge a person’s traits. A man should never underestimate the importance of shoes. Women have enough time to notice a man’s shoes. So always select your shoes properly.


Body language is quite enough to find out whether the person standing next to you is confident or not. And girls like confident boys.


Hard buttocks are an indicator of a man who has an active lifestyle and his testosterone level is just right too. Hard buttocks also look very good. So, it’s not just men who turn to look at beautiful women. Women do that too, just a bit more subtly.

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