The Way You Hug Says More About Your Personality

Hugs are not just hugs. How you hug your partner tells a lot about your personality. A hug is a way of showing affection towards someone. The way you hug your partner shows intimacy between both of you and defines your love for each other. Do you give a tight hug or like your space. Read out the complete article to know what your hug says about you!

Looking Directly into Eyes: Eye contact creates some kind of intimacy. Staring right into their eyes while you hug suggests that you and your partner are genuinely connected and they are the master of your universe.


Putting Arm Around Shoulder: This kind of hug is friendly, it reflects that person is more a friend than a partner. He/She is trustworthy and you can totally rely on them.


Putting Hand in Partner’s Pocket : It shows that you don’t trust your partner completely. How often you used to do that!


Wrapping Arms Around Waist : Sweet! You are protective if you hug them from backside or around the waist. You want to assure them that you will be there for them in every good and bad time.


Giving a Pat on Back : No intimacy and just friendly hug. When you pat your arms on their back while hugging shows that he/she is your bosom friend and not your alter ego. This hug is similar to hug your father gives to his friend.


Hugging Tightly : A close and tight suggests that you do not want to let them go. You want them to know about your feelings for them and never lose them from your life.You want to embrace them forever.

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