Your Signatures Says A Lot About Your Personality

Your handwriting, or your signature, can reveal a great deal about your personality, including hidden traits which may surprise you. Graphology is the science of handwriting analysis, and this article gives you information on interpreting your own writing and that of your family and friends.

The science of Graphology can be used as an aid to career advice, staff recruitment, resolving emotional problems and in marriage guidance.


Graphology is the technical term for handwriting analysis.You will be able to bring to the surface many subconscious traits that lie beneath the everyday facade that we all put up. Whether you are young or old, male or female, your handwriting is your visiting card, telling the world what makes you tick and explaining why you think and act the way you do.

Handwriting analysis has nothing to do with the occult, and the future can’t be predicted from a piece of script

Many features are taken into account by the graphologist including the slant of the writing, the slope, pressure and spacing, the capital letters, margins and signature -they all play a part in handwriting analysis. This article on graphology has aimed to explain some of these features and to show how they can be used to reveal details about the writer.

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